Milam County Commissioner's Court

Functions of the Commissioner's Court:


The Commissioners Court is the general governing body of Milam County. The Court is made up of the County Judge who is elected countywide and presides over the full Court, and the four County Commissioners -- each elected from one of the County's four precincts. The four County Commissioners have both countywide and precinct responsibilities. Each commissioner is responsible for construction and maintenance of County roads within his or her precinct. They are responsive to the particular needs of people living within their areas of the County.


The Milam County Commissioner's Court is in fact the governing body for the County. The duties of the Court may include, but are not limited to the following:


- Set the tax rate and adopt the County budget; 

- Appoint County officials and hire personnel; 

- Fill elective and appointive vacancies; 

- Establish voting precincts, appoint precinct judges and call County bond elections; 

- Approve contracts and authorize payment of all County bills; 

- Build and maintain County roads and bridges; 

- Build, maintain and improve County facilities, including jails; 

- Provide for veterans assistance; 

- Manage all County facilities;  

- Provide for information technology and the archival needs of the County.



Precinct R&B Reports


Milam Commissioner's Court Meetings


Regular Commissioner's Court Meetings are held at 10:00 a.m. on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. The meetings are held in the County Courtroom on the 1st Floor on the County Courthouse. The Courthouse is located at 102 S. Fannin, Ave. in Cameron. All regular Commissioner's Court meetings are open to the public and the citizens are strongly encouraged to attend.


The agenda for the upcoming Commissioner's Court will be posted for viewing at least 72 hrs prior to the meetings.