Milam County District Clerk

Cindy Fechner,

Milam County District Clerk

102 S. Fannin Ave, Suite 5

Cameron, Texas 76520




Office Location: Milam County Courthouse (3rd Floor)


Address: 102 S. Fannin Ave, Ste. 5

Cameron, Texas 76520


Phone: 254-697-7052

Fax: 254-697-7056


Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Monday - Friday


Deputy Clerks: Margot Contreras, Misty Kirk,

Trisha Johns, Cindy Vrazel, Michelle Hubnik, Suzy Shelton



The office of the District Clerk has been included in every Texas Constitution since the Republic.
 Art. 5, Section 5 of the Texas Constitution provides that there shall be a District Clerk in each county. The District Clerk is elected by the voters to serve a four year term.


The District Clerk is registrar, recorder and custodian of all documents involved in criminal, juvenile, civil, family, attorney general and tax cases in the district court. Additionally, the District Clerk’s office is responsible for docketing, indexing and recording, collecting fees, fines and court costs and managing all funds held in litigation; and performs such other duties as are imposed by statute or rule. The District Clerk performs duties from the time a case is filed through disposition, appeal and ancillary proceedings for many years after judgment. Appeals are perfected through the 3rd Court of Appeals in Austin.


The District Clerk’s office provides court support for the District Court.


As records management officer, the District Clerk is responsible for managing records so that they are retrieved for court use and public information. 


According to statutory requirements, the District Clerk’s office gathers data and reports to many state and local agencies.


In Milam County, the District Clerk is officer in charge of the jury selection process for District, County and Justice Courts. Petit jurors are randomly selected by a computer from a list compiled by the State. This list of names is generated from both voter registration and drivers’ license. The District Clerk also acts as liaison between jurors, Court, and employers. The selection and payment of grand juries is also in the realm of duties of the District Clerk.


The District Clerk’s office is an authorized acceptance facility for the National Passport Agency and as such, maintains training and certifications of all deputies who accept passport applications.


The District Clerk is responsible for employing deputy clerks to assist in the above duties.


The District Clerk is required to complete 20 hours of continuing education courses of instruction each year.


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